USBSpy 2.3

You can capture, display, record and analyze USB data
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An efficient tool for the purpose of debugging software is quite essential whenever the prospect of hardware development and device driver related stuff comes into picture. USBSpy is one of those applications that are designed to provide a prominent platform to facilitate resourceful coding, optimization and foolproof testing.

This application allows the user to capture, analyze and display all the data that is transferred between a USB device connected to the computer and the concerned application. This software serves as a commanding platform for optimizing as well as testing the communications taking place between the host system and the USB devices.

It provides the user with the ability to get an in-sight into the data, and obtain detailed information about the traffic along with the protocol itself. It also comes with advanced features required for the ease of development and testing. What’s more, the summary of every transaction is accompanied by its binary code and other details, and thus the monitoring software enhances the comprehension of happenings at the bus.

Its distinguished features include triggers on packet types, extended search and filtering options, completion statuses, device requests, errors, automatic capture of hot-plugged devices, interception at system boot, export of traffic logs into XML and a clear intuitive interface.

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  • Advanced features, like automatic capture of hot-plugged devices


  • Monitoring the specifics may be difficult
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